Direction & Graphic Design: Joosung Kang

Curation: Hyunsong Lee

Management: Hongik Seomoon

Public Communication: Sol Baek

Photo: Texture on Texture

<The Lives of Others 2> is a second publication led by Joosung Kang, which deals with the theme of 'traces'. This book contains essays on 'traces' from the perspectives of about 11 individuals or teams. I contributed an article about 'rediscovering places within daily objects' to this book. In addition, I was in charge of designing an object and space to be presented in an exhibition commemorating the publication of this book. The object commemorating the publication was named 'In-situ Object'. This is related to the contents of my essay, and it is the same size as the published book. I considered it to be placed in various ways in the space. It can be used as a bookend on a shelf or a small wall shelf on which simple items can be placed. There is a round hole in the center of this object, which was inspired by the perforation on the handrail at the place(factory2) of the publication ceremony. It is the biggest feature of this object.


For Hanhwa


Co-work: Studioflock

Art direction & VMD: Araby

Photo: Hyunsoo Jang

Studio Jade is a gift shop located in Jade Garden in Chuncheon, Korea. Under the art direction of Araby Studio, a concept was derived based on the cultural nourishment of the villa. A combination of cherry wood and brass was used to create a classic and dignified expression. The green color of various materials such as green marble and open pore paint was used to add vitality to the space.