Direction: Studio Ohyukyoung

Graphic design: Eunsun Park

Photo: MH photography

Materials: Powder-coated aluminum

KCDF (Korea Craft Design Foundation) and K-AUCTION collaborated to plan an exhibition named <Space of Thought> to auction the works of Korean craftsmen. I designed metal props to properly display works of various sizes and techniques. Metal props are painted in silver and gold colors to harmonize and contrast with the craft works. Since it was a temporary event, the props were planned to be able to easily disassemble and assemble on site.


For Hanhwa


Co-work: Studioflock

Art direction & VMD: Araby

Photo: Hyunsoo Jang

Studio Jade is a gift shop located in Jade Garden in Chuncheon, Korea. Under the art direction of Araby Studio, a concept was derived based on the cultural nourishment of the villa. A combination of cherry wood and brass was used to create a classic and dignified expression. The green color of various materials such as green marble and open pore paint was used to add vitality to the space.